Belarus citizens allowed to arrive across south-west border, foreigners under restrictions

Belarusian border officer at Minsk Airport. 19 March 2020. Photo: VASILY FEDOSENKO / Reuters / Forum























Citizens of Belarus may enter the territory of the country when returning from Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Anton Bychkouski, spokesman for the State Border Committee, said on October, 30.

Belarusian citizens are allowed to enter the territory of the republic. There are restrictions on persons arriving and planning to arrive from the territories of our neighbouring states. Border guards have the authority to make individual decisions, taking into account the situation of those who cross the border,” the statement reads.

On Thursday afternoon, Belarusian media started to get reports from Belarusians who said they were barred from entering the country. On the same day, the information about the country’s ground border closure for ‘individuals from Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and Ukraine’ was officially confirmed by the Belarusian State Border Committee. The authorities cite ‘the epidemic situation in the neighbouring countries’ as a reason for such a step. However, there are no obstacles for those arriving from Russia.

Diplomats, international drivers, railway crews are not subject to the restrictions. Notably, the checkpoint at Minsk Airport is working in its ordinary course so far.

Over a month ago, Alyaksandr Lukashenka warned about the threat of war and said that Belarus would have to close the border with the West.

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