Belarus-born Russian agent worked as political commentator in Ukraine – expert

A few days ago, Ukraine reported the deportation of Belarusian citizen Pavel Karnazytski. He is accused of conducting subversive activitity in the interests of Russia.

Special services operatives found out that Karnazytski, who lived in Ukraine illegally, publicly disseminated fake information. In particular, during speeches on some television channels, he questioned the internationally recognized evidence of the presence of the aggressor country troops in the temporarily occupied territories of our country, Ukraine’s Security Service (SBU) said.

According to the Ukrainian side, Karnazytski repeatedly published anti-Ukrainian materials on media resources controlled by the so-called Donetsk and Luhansk republics.

“For several years, since the beginning of Russia’s military aggression, Karnazytski has been conducting undermining activity against Ukraine, which has been noted by the SBU. Tellingly, he has positioned himself as a political commentator and constantly appears on air of pro-Russian TV channels such as NewsOne or 112; he also created his own information resource which is used for disseminating all the major ideological clichés of Russian propaganda. Of course, Ukraine’s Security Service has unmasked him. But I have just one question: why do such things keep happening while Ukraine has been at war for almost five years?” Informnapalm journalist Dzyanis Ivashyn, who was a guest at Belsat TV show Hot Commentary, wonders.

In his opinion, Karnazytski, as an experienced propagandist, will soon find a new job in Belarus, Russia, or even in Donbas or Crimea.

43-year-old Pavel Karnazytski is known for numerous publications in the Ukrainian and Russian media. In his materials he harshly criticized the Ukrainian authorities, questioned the Russian aggression against Ukraine, called the war in Donbas civil. He calls himself a ‘patriot of Ukrainian Russia’.

In the late 90s he was an opposition activist in Belarus. Some acquaintances of Karnazytski from democratic forces publicly accused him of working for the KGB.

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