Belarus blogger files complaint against authorities to UN

14 August 2018. Leanis Sudalenka (L) and Andrey Pavuk (C) in court

Blogger Andrey Pavuk, a resident of Aktsyabrski urban-type village, has filed an individual complaint against the Belarusian authorities to the United Nations Human Rights Committee.

According to the blogger, the right to receive and disseminate information is violated in the country; the Belarusian courts do not defend the rights of citizens.

In August 2018, judge Lyudmila Harmash imposed a fine of 735 rubles (appr. $369) on Andrey Pavuk for alleged illegal production and distribution of media products. It was the news item aired on Belsat TV that gave the ground for opening an administrative case against the man. In fact, Belsat TV told the story of the blogger who was wearing a T-shirt bearing the images of two local officials and the inscription They Love You.

Interestingly, Andrei Pavuk’s part was just asking the local residents whether it was offensive to wear images of officials, in particular Uladzimir Yeliseyeu and Valyantsina Shlapakova, on clothes and posting the video interview on Youtube.

Belarusian human rights defender Leanid Sudalenka helped the blogger make the complaint to the UN committee. In the appeal, the men have also stressed that Pavuk was barred from participating in closed meeting the local authorities held over his case.

Blogger Andrey Pavuk detained for cooperation with Belsat


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