Belarus-based SOS village to get part of money prize won by Belsat TV journalist


Siarhiej Pieliasa, an editor of Belsat TV program Prasviet, and his co-player Dominiką Ciosić, a Polish Public Television correspondent in Brussels, won 30,000 PLN (appr. €7,000) in the Polish intellectual show TVP Wielki Test o Europie.

The journalists decided to transfer the money to SOS Children’s Villages with the hope that they will be able to forward half the prize to the Belarusian SOS village in Baravlyany near Minsk. Today such opportunity has been confirmed.

It is the first time in the history of the show when the prize money will be sent abroad.

SOS Children’s Villages is an independent NGO which focuses on abandoned and orphaned children requiring family-based child care. The first village was established in Austria in 1949 to help children who lost their parents during the Second World War.

As a rule, about ten children are grouped into a house with a SOS mother (sometimes father or couple); from ten to forty houses are grouped together as a Village with shared facilities.

In Belarus, there are SOS villages in Maryina Horka, Minsk and Baraulyany. The latter is unusual.

It is the world’s only village of this kind in which parents stay with children who are preparing for oncological therapy,” Siarhiej Pieliasa stressed.

The other half of the prize will be given to one of the Polish SOS villages.

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