Belarus army rattling sabres due to ‘building up NATO presence’ in neigbouring countries

The 2014 year-end was marked with an unprecedented scope of the Baltic States’ efforts to step up operational and troops preparation, the official website of the Belarusian Defense Ministry reports. The contiguous states are making no secret about their drive to boost the foreign military presence in their territories, the report says.

“Alongside with stepping up the aircraft component of the NATO countries in the Baltics States, which is performing functions of air policing, the alliance is systematically building up additional military commitment equipped with heavy weapons near the borders of Belarus,” the Ministry warns.

According to the Ministry, this been taken into account by the military and political leadership of Belarus when shaping the Armed Forces’ Military Training Plan for the academic year of 2014-2015.

“Regardless of the geopolitical preconditions for adopting such a decision by our foreign partners, the Republic of Belarus has no right to neglect changing in the military and political situation in the region, which is posing additional risks, challenges and threats to the military security of the state,” the document reads.

The Belarusian army had held combat readiness training exercises, the Ministry adds. On January 23, the stage of unots coordination started.

According to the information by, a conscription centre has been opened at Brest State University [The city of Brest is a regional centre situated close to Belarusian-Polish border – Belsat].

its sources say a lot of reservists in Brest receive draft notices obliging them to turn up for special training and visit the conscription centre at Brest State University; special attention is paid to citizens studying abroad.

“According to military authorities, we need to resist NATO that has become active in Poland,” a reservist told the news portal., following Charter97,

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