‘Beauty’ or still protest? Women’s anti-violence race in Minsk

On March 8, the Belarusian Athletics Federation has held BEAUTY RUN 2018 – Women’s race against violence. About 3,500 women took part in the competition.

Judging by posters placards, the organizers were more focused on the ‘beautiful’ side of the event than on pressing social issues. But at least one member of the race put on the makeup which was suggestive of injuries on the face.

“Calling the run against violence ‘Beauty’ is the height of hypocrisy. Beauty standards make women insecure and vulnerable, and this is only one of many reasons why violence is rampant. During today’s race the fact that most people do not care about violence was striking. Fans were holding posters in the style ‘Beauty, give me your number’,” runner Volha Shvaykouskaya says.

There were also posters ‘Wow, how many beauties’, ‘You Are Gorgeous’, I Will Marry A Marathone Runner’, etc.

Фота Вячаслаў Радзіміч, belsat.eu

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