Beauty and propaganda: Miss Russia-2018 ready to go to Syria, Donbas

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Yuliya Polyachikhina, 18, has announced her intention to go on a peace mission to Syria and Donbas.

The newly-baked Miss Russia would like to help children in occupied regions of eastern Ukraine and in Syria, where the Kremlin supports a dictator using chemical weapons against his own compatriots.

“These places are very much alike, i.e. there is a war going on there. But it seems to me that they will not take me to the thick of the things,” the girl told radio station Govorit Moskva.

According to her, Russia’s watchdog Roskomnadzor blocking of the Telegram messaging service was a necessary measure. As reported earlier, it filed a lawsuit against the company over its refusal to provide the Russian security services with encryption keys.

“One should block [access to the messenger], if there are any terrorist operations there,” the young Miss believes.

Yuliya Polyachikhina, a native of Chuvashia, became Miss Russia-2018 two weeks ago. The 18-year-old is a first-year student of the Chuvash University. In the near future, she may make a tranfer to one of Moscow universities.

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