BATE FC sues fan for running out on field


BATE FC spokesperson said what the club would do with 5,000 euros, which it wants to recover from the Alyaksand Vyanherski.

On 28 September, the man ran onto the football field during a match between BATE FC and Arsenal FC. The Union of European Football Associations fined BATE 5,000 EURO for this. The fine has been fully paid.

To recover the money, BATE FC is going to apply for a legal compensation from Alyaksand Vyanherski.

According to the club’s press service, there have been precedents of this in the club’s history.

According to BATE FC, the refund is not the main reason for filing a lawsuit. The club wants to remind fans that such behavior is unacceptable and show that the club has legal mechanisms to punish violators of public order.

“All the fines levied in case of the court’s decision in our favor will go to charity,” added the club’s spokesperson.

On September 29, the court sentenced Alyaksandr to 10 days in prison for “hooliganism” and “disobedience to lawful demands of an official.”

Immediately after the arrest, the court gave the man a fine of 460 BYN for participation in the protest against the “Zapad 2017” military exercise, which was held in Minsk on September 8th.

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