Barysau: Neighbors of 6 victims claim no leak found by gas service

The tragedy took place late on January 27. According to the Emergency Ministry, Barysaugaz workers were called to help open the door to the apartments in the five-storey building on Dnyaprouskaya street.

In one of the apartments, the rescuers found the bodies of man and woman. The apartment smelled like gas.

In the apartment on the floor below were also found victims of gas poisoning. There rescuers found the bodies of four more persons, including two minors – 10 and 17 years old.

One of the version, considered by the investigation is failure of gas equipment.

Law enforcers launched a criminal case against the employees’ of Barysaumezhraygaz according to Art. 428 of the Criminal Code of Belarus – professional negligence.


(upd 15:00) It has become known that the neighbors of the dead started to sound alarm on Tuesday evening. According to Anastasia, who lives on the third floor together with her husband and son, she smelt gas, which made her sick. She was seeing double, there was buzzing in her ears, her blood pressure was alarmingly high.

The woman reported called the gas emergency service. They came twice, but found no leak. According to the specialists, the cause of the nasty smell could be household chemicals or poison for rats.

Anastasia kept reporting and complaining, but sanitary inspectors said the case was not up to them.

The woman rang for an ambulance several times. It was not until 1:00 am when she felt some better.

“At 21:30 [they] knocked on our door and told us that all our neighbours living on lower floors were dead. People died in apartments on the first and second floors. The ground floor is also sealed, but we do not know what is going on there,” Anastasia told news site

The concentration of natural gas in the residential area was not detected, Arkadz Sushkin, the director of Brest regional branch of Minskoblgaz company, said. The potential cause of death is poisoning with carbon monoxide due to improper operation of the air duct system.

The investigation is still in progress.

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