Baranavichy trade union activist harshly detained before trip to Minsk


On October 21, Ryhor Hryk was detained on the train platform before boarding the train to Minsk to take part in Outraged Belarusians’ March.

The activist was detained by officers in plain clothes.

At the platform, he saw the police in civilian clothes who showed him their IDs and demanded his passport. The police seized his document and said he would be taken to the Baranavichy police station.

Ryhor was continuosly beaten and provoked by the police. At some point he was pushed and fell on the tracks. The activist filmed his detention using the phone camera.

At first the police said that something was stolen in the village where he lived and he was treted as a witness.

The police took his phone and deleted the video of his detention and others. In total, the activist was held for more than 4 hours.

“They did evrything for me not to go anywhere,” said Hryk.

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