Backpack explodes near Eternal Flame while Lukashenkas lay flowers (photo)

Хлопец у абгарэлай кашулі, на заднім плане мужчына ідзе заліваць вадой узарваную электроніку. Фота – Ірына Арахоўская,

The incident took place near the Eternal Flame, where the ceremony of laying wreaths at the Victory Monument by Lukashenka and his sons was held.

According to the Belsat cameraperson Iryna Arakhouskaya, who was on the scene, the young man quickly threw to the ground his backpack, in which something exploded. Those who were standing next to him, jumped to the side. There was a slight panic. People were afraid to go down into the underground pass.

“I ran to the plainclothes officer to tell him about the explosion, but he said that his task was to guard the area above, and those who are on duty below would deal with it. When I returned, there was a guy with a burnt backpack and shirt. Allegedly, a battery exploded due to the high heat, it was either a battery from the phone, or from an electronic cigarette,” Iryna said and added that she was surprised by the calm reaction of the siloviki. They made no attempts to ask what had happened or call down the people.

Other eyewitnesses also noticed the reaction of policemen.

“People in civilian clothes “watch over” the “Immortal Regiment “, for example, they make sure that no one came out on the sidewalk … Traffic on the avenue is blocked. From the side of Masherau Street there is a paddy wagon … The guy whose battery exploded for 15 minutes stood with his friends on the steps at the exit from the crossing. No police or metro officer reacted in any way … This shows if we can feel safe during mass events,” one of those present at the square wrote.

Thing that presumably blew up.

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