Babruysk: Blogger loses case over Belarus police’s honour and dignity

Mahiliou region police have won a court case over the protection of honour, dignity and reputation from Babruysk blogger Aleh Zhalnou.

Babruysk district court started considering the case on October, 27.

In December 2016, Zhalnou filmed a video and posted it on Youtube. The blogger complained that visitors were not allowed to have mobile phones and other communication tools when entering the police department building in Babruysk, while some were let in even with ‘laptops and colds’. In the video, Zhalnou also alludes that the local police chief had sex with an underage girl straight at the workplace.

According to the court ruling, the blogger will have to remove the ‘offending’ video and pay 3,000 rubles to each plaintiff. Policemen Alyaksandr Vasilyeu and Yauhen Serashtanau promise to give the money to Mahiliou children’s hospice., following Photo – Alexander Chuguev

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