Babruisk journalists under pressure after police station fire

The appartment of Babruisk journalist’ mother was searched on October 7 in connection with the arson of a local police precinct, Maryna Malchanava told

“They were looking for me. They didn’t take anything, because there’s nothing to take away from my mother,” the journalist said.

“I feel fine, but I don’t know what to expect next. I’m not hiding and I’m not going to. Why should I hide? I have nothing to do with this arson,” says Maryna.

According to Malchanava, such searches will take place at the homes of everyone detained in Babruisk on October 4.

Maryna Malchanava. Photo:

On October 6, a similar search was carried out at the house of the journalist of Vyacherni Babruisk Dzyanis Nosau. His equipment was seized.

The following people were detained on October 4, in Babruisk: Maryna Malchanava, Alesya Latsinskaya, Dzyanis Nosau, Yury Kamisarau. Maryna Malchanava was taken from the detention center to the city hospital with a hypertension crisis.

A police precinct was set on fire on the first floor of the House of Culture on September 28, in Babruisk. As a result of the arson, the door was damaged. There were no casualties reported.