Babruisk against decree #3

Another protest against the ‘parasite decree’ tax took place in Babruisk on Sunday, May 12th. The peple stood not for suspension, but for complete abolition of the so-called ‘parasite’ decree.

Despite the threats like dismissal and transfers of students, a thousand people gathered on Lenin Square in Babruisk.

To interfere with the rally, the square in front of the Babruisk City Executive Committee building had been surrounded with a fence. On Sunday, the protesters urged the authorities not to struggle with the protests of the unemployed, but rather take care of the overall unemployment.

The protest, which took place in Vorsha, united almost every hundredth resident of the city, which saw mass rallies of this kind only in the early nineties.

“Many people working at state-owned enterprises were not allowed to come under threat of dismissal. But people need to raise, to not be afraid, everything will be fine, if we all go out together. The main thing is for Minsk to stand up. Long Live Belarus,” said one of the marchers.

The non-parasite marsh in Vorsha, as well as in Babruisk, took place without the coordination of political leaders. The representative of the party “Belarusian Christian Democracy” Pavel Sevyarynets, who is originally from Vorsha, noticed that the authorities did not prevent the rally and did not detain the famous opposition leaders.

Protesters marched from the main square to the City Executive Committee. It is notable that both in Vorsha and Babruisk there were economic demands in addition to social and political appeals.

Lola Buryeva,


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