Azerbaijan threatens Armenia with missile attack on NPP

The Azerbaijani Defense Ministry said it can strike Metsamor NPP in Armenia, Oxu.Az reports.

Since July 12, border battles have been taking place between the troops of the two countries. There are reports about 11 dead Azerbaijani military men and 4 dead Armenian military men. Baku and Yerevan accuse each other of fueling the conflict.

“Armenia should not forget that the latest missile systems, which are in the arsenal of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces, are capable of delivering a precise strike on the Metsamor NPP, which will be a disaster for Armenia,” said the head of the press service of the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan Colonel Vagif Dargyakhly on July 16.

It is reported that Dargyakhly said about possibility of strike on Metsamor NPP while commenting on information about possible strike by Armenia on the dam of Mingachevir reservoir, which would lead to flooding of large territories. The Azerbaijani Defense Ministry also said that the terrain on which the reservoir is located, fortification works carried out at this facility, as well as air defense assets in the arsenal of the Azerbaijani army will not allow to strike this object.

Belarus supplies weapons to Azerbaijan. In particular, in 2018 Belarus sold the latest multiple launch rocket system “Polonez” to Azerbaijan. This has caused great dissatisfaction of Armenia, the enemy of Azerbaijan in the conflict in Nagorno Karabakh. Moreover, Armenia and Belarus are allies within the CSTO.