Axe, arrowhead, helmet: Real archaeological catch in Babruysk

Belarusian archaeologists are apparently making great advances when carrying out the digs in the river port of the town of Babruysk.

According to Alyaksei Batsyukou, director of Mahiliou History Museum, an axe and an arrowhead that may date from the 10th century have been found there. “Great news from Babruysk!” he said on Facebook.

It is still not clear whether the findings were part of a burial or evidence of a battle. The thing were found in the heaps from the bottom of the new channel of the Byarezina river.

Helmet found in Babruysk, phot.

Earlier, the archaeologists unearthed a helmet dated by the late 9th – early 11th centuries on the same site. The artefact is in a good state of preservation.

The finding is unique, Ihar Marzalyuk, Chairman of the Standing Committee on Education, Culture and Science of the House of Representatives of Belarus, believes. Similar helmets were previously found in the Black Grave mound and Shastavitsy in Ukraine’s Chernihiv region, he said.

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