Authorities block account of Viktar Babaryka's electoral fund

On June 17, the authorities blocked the bank account where Babaryka’s election fund is kept without giving any reasons, the headquarters of a potential presidential candidate reports.

According to the headquarters, when trying to make a payment, Babaryka’s staff was informed by the employees of Belarusbank that the current account of Viktar Babaryka, where the formed election fund is located, had been blocked — expense transactions had been arrested. No documents confirming the arrest or other grounds for restricting disposal of the funds were shown.

There are currently more than 100 thousand rubles on the account. The headquarters claim that the prohibition on disposing of these funds does not allow for the full exercise of voting rights.

“The illegality of such a ban will be brought to the attention of the authorized state bodies: we will prepare and submit relevant complaints. However, the lockdown of the election fund will not affect the current activities of the headquarters. There are volunteers, members of initiative groups at the headquarters and signature collection pickets who do not receive any remuneration. All collected signatures will be properly verified and submitted to the relevant election commissions,” reads the statement of the headquarters.

As of June 17, the potential presidential candidate has collected over 368 thousand signatures. The collection of signatures will continue until June 19.