At least 37 people detained in Minsk at Doctors’ March

According to preliminary data, at least 37 doctors who took part in a solidarity protest were detained in Minsk on Saturday. The medical march did not have a chance to start, because the people in masks began to detain the people who gathered. The situation was similar at the Women’s March, the White Coats Telegram channel reports.

Doctors gathered at the building of the 1st city clinical hospital. About 50 people took part in the protest. “According to preliminary information, all the detained doctors were brought to the police station at 10 Byalinsky Street, in the gym,” White Coats reported, publishing also a list of 37 detainees.

The doctors were supported by ex-presidential candidate, opposition leader Svyatlana Tsikhanouskaya: “Like any Belarusian, I admire your courage and labor feat. You are saving our country from the second wave of coronavirus. You are holding rallies of solidarity with the strikers and all those who are peacefully fighting for change. The Belarusian people are grateful to you for each of these protests. You are professionals, your work and your solidarity are incredibly important to all of us. In the new Belarus, which we are building, no one will persecute you for your civic stance. Your opinion will be listened to in the development of medical reform, because you know better than any officials how the health care system works. For all this to happen, we must continue our peaceful struggle. I know that today you will hold an action of solidarity with the Belarusian people, and I will support everyone who will join to show solidarity with you.”

Mass protests against the results of the presidential elections, which took place on August 9, have continued for three months in Belarus. Alyaksandr Lukashenka was declared the winner, the opposition did not recognize the voting results, considers them falsified, demands the release of political prisoners and the holding of new elections.