Associated Press publishes new video of Alyaksandr Taraikouski’s death. He had no explosives

On August 15, the Associated Press news agency published a video made during the protests on Prytytskaha Street on August 10. It recorded the death of the protester Alyaksandr Taraikouski.

The video shows flashes from law enforcement shots and a man in shorts and a T-shirt with a large bloody stain on his chest. He holds on to the wound with his hand and then falls to the ground. The video clearly shows no explosives in the protester’s hands. Alyaksandr Taraikouski’s wife identified him in this footage.

According to the official version, distributed by the press service of the Interior Ministry, the man allegedly wanted to throw an explosive device at law enforcement officers, which killed him. Eyewitnesses of Alyaksandr’s death had earlier denied the official version of the Interior Ministry.

After analysing the video of those events, the Conflict Intelligence Team (CIT) concluded that Alyaksandr could have been killed by KGB Alpha or Interior Ministry Almaz special forces. On August 11, the Investigative Committee said an investigation of the death of a man on Prytytsky Street had been launched, but no criminal case had been reported.