Syrian opposition groups agree to attend peace talks in Kazakhstan

The Syrian opposition says it will attend peace talks sponsored by Turkey and Russia in Kazakhstan next week.

The talks are likely to start on Monday, January 23, Guardian reports. The negotiations in Astana will bring together representatives of the opposition and the regime of Bashar al-Assad, as well Russia, Turkey and Iran. Donald Trump’s incoming administration has also been invited.

“All the rebel groups are going to Astana. Everyone has agreed,” said Mohammed Alloush, a leading figure in the Jaysh al-Islam rebel group, in an interview with AFP. “Astana is a process to end the bloodletting by the regime and its allies. We want to end this series of crimes.”

Jaysh al-Islam  is a coalition of Islamist and Salafist units involved in the Syrian Civil War. The group is supported by Saudi Arabia and Turkey. Jaysh al-Islam is fighting against both the Islamic State and al-Assad’s forces. In turn, the Syrian government qualifies it as a terrorist organization., following Guardian

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