Artist Ales Pushkin detained for performance event against Russification

According to the Radio Liberty website, police detained Ales Pushkin during a performance in defense of the Belarusian language. The artist went to the shop “Euroopt” in Krupki with posters against the Russian imperialism, as well as in support of the integration of Belarus into NATO..


On the 220th anniversary of the birth of the Russian poet Alexander Pushkin, his Belarusian namesake Ales Pushkin brought posters “Achtung Russia!” And “Bloodymir!” with the image of Putin to the local shop. He also brought there posters “Stop russian agression on Europe”,“ Russia – war!” and “Belarus in NATO” as well as the flag of the North Atlantic Alliance. Half an hour after the start of the performance, a security guard came out to the artist. The guard tried to provoke a conflict. He then called the police, who detained Ales Pushkin using force.


On May 8, the artist Ales Pushkin was refused to be serve in the Belarusian language at the very same “Euroopt” store. According to the artist, the shop’s security guard Vadzim Babkou, as well as an employee of the store Pavel Chyrkou insulted the state language by using foul language. The latter filed a claim with the police about Ales Pushkin, calling him an “aggressive client.” In the recording, Chyrkou wrote that “he is Russian, and therefore he does not have to know the Belarusian language”. The administrative case against Ales Pushkin was closed, and “Euroopt” found no violations in the actions of its employees.

Vitaut Siuchyk,


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