Belarusian army officials used to covering up murders

There are now ten suspects in the case that the Investigation Committee confidently called a suicide. The commander of the unit where Alyaksandr Korzhych served has been fired. Today we received a response from the country’s Defense Minister.

The official expressed his condolences to the relatives of Korzhych.

Human rights activists have reminded the minister that this year a number of deaths in the Belarusian army have become public.

After the death of Alyaksandr Korzhych, Andrei Manonin’s parents also decided to open up about their tragedy. Andrei died almost a year ago. The reason was the same — hazing and bullying, said the victim’ relatives in an interview qith the portal TUT.BY.

Investigative Committee closed the case.

Andrei’s story could have ended the same way, because it took the investigation committee 10 days to notice the tied feet and a t-shirt on the head of the deceased soldier.

It is unlikely that the prpoblem was with the military unit only. Henadz Sarokin died on October 2 while on duty at the watchtower. He also complained to relatives about hazing and the unbearable conditions of service.

Anastasia, Henadz’ daughter in law, told us that she appealed to the media only after she heard about the buzz around Korzhych death. But whatever the investigation brings, the family will not get their son back.

Defense Ministry says it is a campaign to discredit the army in general.

The army’s reputation is unlikely to suffer more than it did, after people learned that the price of the rookie’s life in Pechy is 15 BYN per day.

Usevalad Shlykau, “Belsat”, photo: Vasily Fedosenko / Reuters / Forum

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