Apartment of journalist Arakhouskaya’s mother searched

And Iryna became a witness in the case of mass riots.

On Monday, October 19, a search was conducted in the apartment of the mother of journalist Iryna Arakhouskaya, she wrote on her Facebook page. As it was reported, Iryna is a witness in the case launched under Article 293 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus (participation in riots).

The investigator told the mother of the journalist that this was due to her statement to the Investigative Committee. While working at the rally on August 11, Iryna was shot with a rubber bullet even tjough she was wearing a blue “Press” vest.

“I submitted an application on August 17 and until yesterday the Investigative Committee carried out an inspection, but then it conducted a search. I am registered with my mother, so they probably came there. Nothing was taken from the apartment,” Iryna said.

Iryna Arakhouskaya collaborates with the Novy Chas media outlet. This is not the first case of pressure on Belarusian journalists. Thus, the journalist of Nasha Niva Natallya Lubneuskaya was seriously injured by a rubber bullet on August 10. Later, a video was published, where it is clearly seen that the security officer was deliberately aiming at her.

However, no criminal case was opened. On the contrary — now the publication can be punished with a large fine for “non-compliance with safety rules at the workplace.”

The journalists of Belsat have been under the special observation of the security forces in recent months. They are regularly detained on the job, receive huge fines and are in prison for days.