Anti-sabotage battalion deployed in Astravets

The headquarters of the territorial defense service will be deployed in Astravets , reports the press service of the Ministry of Defense of Belarus in Telegram.

Major-General Ruslan Kasyhin, head of territorial defense of the General Staff of the Armed Forces, has given the relevant order to Chairman of Hrodna Regional Executive Committee Uladzimir Krautsou.

Battalion of territorial defense will be responsible for “working out security and defense measures of various facilities, fighting against sabotage and reconnaissance groups of the potential enemy”.

One territorial defense battalion has already been created in Kletsk. Soldiers of this battalion are being prepared to serve at checkpoints.

The troops of territorial defense in Belarus are convened only for the duration of war or during a tense military and political situation. The territorial defense troops are of auxiliary importance and consist of people who have completed their service and are in reserve.

The Belarusian NPP is situated in Astravets.