Another case of police brutality in Belarus

This time, the brutal nature of the siloviki’s actions affected a Slonim resident. The incident happened back in August of last year, but the victim had been fighting for justice ever since.

The man was walking home from his friends’ place and got beaten with a police baton. A resident of Slonim, Uladzimir Yafimchyk, was returning home on August 31, when he came across policemen Zhukouski and Vaytushka. The policemen stopped the man and decided to take him to the hospital to check the presence of alcohol in the blood, but at the entrance to the hospital the man got beaten.

“They handcuffed me… They bent me. I’m small and wanted to straighten up. I did that – and was hit on the leg. I fell and almost collapsed,” said the resident of Slonim.

In the hospital, Uladzimir was provided with medical assistance, in particular, doctors noted that it was the policeman who had broken his leg. But the investigator, who came to deal with the incident, did not start a criminal case, as if Uladzimir had broke his leg on his own.

Slonim is a relatively small city, and the rumor had it that the policeman who broke the man’s leg had done such things before.

Unfortunately, such cases in Belarus happen quite often.

As for the case of Uladzimir Yafimchyk, after returning from the hospital, he hired a lawyer. Now the man wants to get justice in court.

Now, due to injury, one foot of Uladzimir is shorter than the other. He can not drive a car, he limps. In addition, the man, who had worked as a loader before, had to quit: the doctors forbade him to perform heavy physical work.

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