Another carbon monoxide poisoning: Now in Vaukavysk

(dpa files) - Exhaust fumes ascent from an exhaust pipe in Cologne, Germany, 21 January 2005. The city of Duesseldorf now wants to take action by limiting the heavy goods vehicle traffic on the city's streets in order to reduce air pollution caused by sooty particles. According to EU guidelines the maximum limit of daily particle emissions in cities is not to exceed 50 microgrammes of particles per cubic metre of air by more than 35 days.

Rescuers from the Hrodna region reported death of a man poisoned by carbon monoxide in a Vaukavysk garage.

“On February 9, at 12:02 we received a 38 year-old man poisoned by carbon monoxide in a Vaukavysk garage,” said the regional emergency department representative.

The circumstances of the man’s death are investigated by the Investigative Committee.


Since the beginning of the year, there have been numerous cases of carbon monoxide poisoning in Belarus. The biggest tragedy took place on January 27 in Barysau in two apartments of a multistory home where six people got killed, including two children.

A week later, in Staubtsy district, mother and child had a carbon monoxide poisoning and were hospitalized.

On February 6, in the kitchen of a cafe in Slutsk, two women died from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Bodies of an elderly couple were found in the sauna on the evening of February 7, at the village Zabalatse of the Rahachou district. A preliminary version of the death of pensioners — carbon monoxide poisoning.


Close the furnace and ventilate the garage. When the concentration of carbon monoxide in the air is above 1.2%, people lose consciousness after two or three breaths and die after 3 minutes.

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