Ambassadors of two more countries to leave Belarus

After Minsk “asked out” the Polish and Lithuanian diplomats, Romania and Great Britain recalled their ambassadors from Belarus for consultations in solidarity. Slovakia is preparing for the same step.

The embassy said that Great Britain condemns the decision of Belarus to expel Polish and Lithuanian diplomats, as it completely isolates the Belarusian people. Nevertheless, the diplomats decided to temporarily recall their ambassador to discuss the situation in Belarus.

The Romanian Foreign Ministry has also recalled its diplomat.

“We decided to recall our ambassador to Belarus for consultations as a sign of solidarity with Lithuania and Poland. Belarus must understand that pressure at the diplomatic level on the EU member states does not help the dialogue and does not bring positive results,” the Romanian Foreign Minister wrote on Twitter.

In early October, the Belarusian Foreign Ministry demanded that the number of diplomats in the embassies of Poland and Lithuania be cut by more than half.

Polish Ambassador Artur Michalski and Lithuanian Ambassador Andris Pulokas left Belarus on October 5. On October 9, 32 Polish diplomats left the country. Earlier, the ambassadors were recalled by Latvia, Estonia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Germany.

The ambassadors of only two EU countries – Italy and Austria – remained in Minsk.