Altai: Russian pensioner kneels before Dmitry Medvedev

On November 13, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev visited the village of Sannikovo (Altai region), where he met with local residents, During the meeting, pensioner Tatiana Kadukina got down on his khees and begged the premier to help her.

Medvedev asked the pensioner to get up off her knees and listened to hear her out. The woman complained about the lack of hot running water at her place. Hot water has not been supplied to the 140-flat block since 2016, she said.

“I suffer from bronchial asthma and comorbidities; it is ten degrees Celcius in my room, I should avoid catching cold,” the pensioner told the head of the Russian government.

Dmitry Medvedev promised that the problem would be solved.

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