Almost every Russian person approves of Immortal Regiment, study shows

According to a survey of the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center, the event brings up positive emotions in 96% of Russians.

About 40% of respondents spoke about their participation in the rally in the future. More often, it is the people 35 years old (41-43%) who recall this, and among 25-34-year-olds the percentage of potential participants in the Immortal Regiment is lower — 36%.

The survey was conducted on May 3, 2019, involving 1,600 Russians over 18. The survey method was a telephone interview. The margin of the study’s error does not exceed 2.2%.

The Immortal Regiment is a rally that initiated in Russia, the participants of which on May 9 marched through the streets with portraits of relatives who participated in the Second World War. Often people come to the procession with portraits of Joseph Stalin, with communist, Russian and St. George symbols, which became the symbol of Russian aggression against Ukraine.

In 2018, among the organizers of this event in Minsk were representatives of a number of pro-Russian organizations. The demonstrators wore T-shirts with the words “Polite People” and “Donetsk People’s Republic”. Some brought portraits of Stalin.

The Night Wolves are planning to come to Belarus with the flags of DNR and LNR.

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