All defendants in ‘White Legion’ case summoned for questioning

According to Nina Shydlouskaya, public defender of the defendants’ in the ‘patriots’ case’ all the defendants have been summoned for questioning by the police.

Thirty-five people were detained on the ‘patriots’ case’. They were charged with “preparation of mass disorders” (Part 3 of Article 293 of the Criminal Code) and “creating an illegal armed group and participation in it” (Article 287 of the Criminal Code). Gradually, the defendants were released on bail, and in June the case was transferred to the Investigation Committee of Belarus. Not long ago, the chairman of the Investigative Committee, Ivan Naskevich, said that “by the end of the autumn, this case will be closed.”

“As far as I know, after this statement by Naskevich, within two days, all defendants in the case were called in for questioning,” Nina told – It is hard to say, if the case will be closed in the next two weeks, although it has to move on somewhere anyway. However, there is no information about this. Everything remains in limbo, and no one knows where the swing will go.”

She also said that the authorities do not like to admit mistakes, thus it is obvious that they will look for a way out.

“They will try to find an elegant way out of the situation, adds Nina Shydlouskaya. – An “elegant” for security forces does not necessarily mean very good for the boys. It would be quite normal for any civilized country to admit that the criminal case was a mistake, that people were wrongly arrested … But, unfortunately, we should not hope for this recognition. Thus, we will see what the investigators will come up with and whether the case goes to court.”

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