Ales Lahviniec fails to get registered as candidate for parliament

The decision was taken on August 8th by district election commission, which refused to register the deputy chairman of the Movement “For Freedom” as candidate for the House of Representatives’ election. The politician considers this decision to be politically motivated.

Ales Lahvinets intended to run on the Sukharava constituency #101.

His initiative group had two warnings: for pre-election rally with white-red-white flags on the ring road and a picket to collect signatures in Sukharava, where Lavon Volsky performed. The CEC believes that the politician “buys off voters” – he distributed “Narodnaya Volya” newspaper and leaflets with a picture of the politician. It is illegal to campaign at the stage of signature collection.

Lahviniec intends to appeal the decision of the district committee and does not exclude that he will call for a boycott of the elections in the 101th district.

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