Ales Bialiatski urging investigation of “White Legion” case torture allegations

Chairman of “Viasna” human rights center Ales Bialiatski has appealed to the Prosecutor General of Belarus Alyaksandr Kanyuk to conduct a background check on the use of torture against the defendants of the “case of patriots” in the KGB and Interior Ministry detention center.

“As a representative of the human rights community of Belarus, I am very concerned about the information on the possible use of illegal methods against the accused in the case. Especially, given the fact that the information about torture in the KGB detention center, made public by presidential candidate Ales Mikhalevich was eventually confirmed,” site quoted Bialiatski.

According to the founder of the “White Legion” Syarhei Chyslav, the arrested “patriots case” defendants are subjected to torture and psychotropics in prison.

The human rights activist has asked Attorney General to inspect the said media information and establish the facts of the use of torture, to establish and bring to justice those responsible.,

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