Ahead of Putin’s visit? Police summon Minsk activist

A policeman knocked on Volha Nikalaichyk’s window. As a rule, such visits to the activist result in her being arrested.

Volha Nikalaichyk is one of the most active participants of the protests against opening the restaurant Let’s Go And Eat near a Stalin-era mass grave in Kurapaty. However, the woman links the police’s interest to Vladimir Putin’s upcoming visit to Minsk.

“[Putin] is going to Minsk, so they will be after me,” Nikalaichyk said on Facebook.

“Volha believes that they are afraid that we will be protest against Putin,” says Leanid Kulakou, Volha Nikalaichyk’s friend. According to the activist, they are not going to hold any rallies to ‘mark’ the arrival of the Russian leader.

In the end, the policeman walked away but left a summons for Volha Nikalaichyk.

Vladimir Putin is due in Minsk on 19 June. He is expected to meet with Alyaksandr Lukashenka and take part in the meeting of the Supreme State Council of the Union State.


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