Agricultural workers in Mahiliou presented with tractors

Mahiliou women from agricultural sector given tractors as presents.

Participants of the annual event on the occasion of International Women’s Day were the women who became industry leaders and reached the highest figures last year, state news agency BelTA reports. Among them are the heads of households, livestock producers, operators of machine milking and livestock farms, HR inspectors etc.

The main event at the celebration was the Mahiliou Oblast Executive Committee presenting certificates for the tractor “Belarus”, which was awarded by sponsors.

It is not entirely clear how tractors and International Women’s Day go together.

Deputy Chairman of the BPF Ryhor Kastusyou, the former head of farmstead, suggests that the Minsk Tractor Plant has simply found a way to get rid of the stocks.

According to him, presenting people with machines that would not sell on their own is a mockery of people who will then work on these tractors., photo from the BelTA archive

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