Actor beaten up by Russian National Guard sentenced to 3.5 years

Pavel Ustinov in court

Tverskoy district court of Moscow has sentenced actor Pavel Ustinov detained at the rally on August 3 to three and a half years in prison, “Dozhd” reports.

The convicted man was found guilty of violence against a Rosgvardia employee. The prosecutor asked for six years of imprisonment for him.

С начала недели уже пятерых участников протестов в Москве наказали тюремным заключением

The actor was detained on August 3 in Pushkin Square during an uncoordinated protest for free elections. Alexander Lyagin, a guardsman, was the victim, whose shoulder, according to the investigation, was dislocated by Ustinov during the arrest.

The 24-year-old Ustinov did not admit guilt and said that he had just stood by and waited for his friend and did not participate in the rally. “I was beaten, I was beaten with special means, I never resisted,” he said.

С некоторых участников «массовых беспорядков» в Москве 27 июля сняли уголовное преследование

The video of the detention shows how Rosgvardia guardsmen knocked the actor to the ground and started beating him with truncheons.

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