Activist mark Lenin’s birthday by putting controversial wreath at his monument

Activists from the town of Byarozauka in Hrodna region decided to celebrate Vladimir Lenin’s birthday with a performance: they brought a wreath with skulls and a ‘For German Spy’ inscription.

Photos with a wreath of activists posted on social networks.

“Very few people remember that one of the bloodthirsty terrorists of mankind, Vladimir Lenin, was born on this day,” Yuras Dzyashuk wrote.

Рэдкі чалавек узгадае, што сёння нарадзіўся адзін з самых крыважэрных тэрарыстаў чалавецтва – Уладзімір Ленін.У Бярозаўцы памятаюць😄Вянок з чарапамі "Нямецкаму шпіёну Леніну" на дзень народзінаў😁🎉

Opublikowany przez Юрась Дзяшук Poniedziałek, 22 kwietnia 2019

Vladimir Lenin (1870-1924) was the leader of the October Revolution and one of the founders of the USSR. During the Civil War, on the territory of the former Russian Empire there was mass terror carried out against certain social classes and all Bolsheviks who were dissatisfied with the rule of the Bolsheviks.

He returned to Russia from emigration in 1917 through the territory of Germany, which was at war. Permits for the passage of Lenin and other revolutionaries in a sealed wagon were given directly by the German authorities. There is also information that the Bolshevik Party directly received money from German intelligence. Because of this, many of his contemporaries called Lenin a “German spy,” although he did not formally work for the German special services.

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