Activist detained before Paliyenka’s trial punished with arrest

The activist of Narodnaya Hramada Siarhei Sparysh has been found guilty of “disobeying the police” (Article 23.4 of the Administrative Code), Mikalai Statkevich reports on Facebook.

Sparysh was detained on October 18th before the trial of the anarchist activist Zmitser Paliyenka. Security officials refused to let him into the courtroom. He was taken out because the judge had banned him out of the court room. Zmitser Balabay, commander of the Minsk special police unit, was present at the detention, writes

Sparysh being detained in court. Photo- –

“It is known that he was sentenced to 15 days of arrest “for disobeying the police”. According to the court decision, “he was waving his hands”. Today it turned out that the “court” took place last Friday, but Siarhey’s relatives managed to snatch the information about it from the “law enforcers” only for the fourth day after the arrest,” writes Statkevich.

ЛУКАШЭНКА ПАКРЫЎДЗІЎСЯ Перад судовым працэсам над Дзмітрыем Паліенкам 18 кастрычніка быў затрыманы актывіст Народнай…

Opublikowany przez Мікола Статкевіч Poniedziałek, 21 października 2019

Statkevich believes that the arrest of Sparysh is connected with his active participation in the parliamentary campaign – he registered the initiative group and collected signatures, but did not become a candidate for deputy.

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