Accounts of ‘Belarus’ spa based in Lithuania under arrest over sanctions

The accounts of the “Belarus” spa complex, which is located in the Lithuanian Druskininkai, have been arrested over the sanctions that the European Union had imposed against the Presidential Property Management Department, the Respublika reports.

The “Belarus” spa complex belongs to the Administrative Department of the President of Belarus, headed by Viktar Sheiman. The EU included the presidential administration on the sanctions list on December 17. And on December 18, the accounts of the spa in the Swedish Swedbank were arrested.

“No one warned us in advance, we did not receive any letters that the accounts were arrested, we only learned about it after trying to make transfers,” said the director of the spa Illya Yepifanau.

According to him, they were told that the accounts were arrested in line with EU sanctions against the Lukashenka regime.

Yepifanau noted that now they cannot use the company’s money, from which salaries were paid to the employees of the spa. “For the vast majority of its employees, this is the only source of income,” says Yepifanau.