Independent Trade Union Accountant Ihar Komlik released from jail


Chairman of the Minsk office of the REP independent trade union has been released from Minsk remand prison due to the change of restraint measure.

Famous Belarusian human rights activist Ales Bialiatski published a photo with Komlik in his Facebook.

“Political prisoner Ihar Komlik released on bail,” Bialiatski signed the photo.

Ihar Komlik told about his release:

“They put me in jail because I refused to testify in the case. I have a good reason not to have anything to do with the law enforcement system. The case is not closed, I was released under a written pledge, I received a summons to come to the investigator on the 5th. I think they released me, because the society has taken the side of the REP and mine. I consider the case to be politically motivated,” Komlik told Belsat.

On September 15, a Minsk court considered the complaint of Ihar Komlik regarding detention as his preventive measure.).

Ihar Komlik is being accused of tax evasion on a large scale (ch. 2, Art. 243 Criminal Code). According to the investigation, the union representative had foreign bank accounts, periodically traveled abroad to withdraw money from them and bring the money to Belarus.

Head of the Radio Electronic Industry trade union Henadz Fedynich is also a defendant in the case.

On August 3rd, Belarusian human rights organizations issued a joint statement recognizing Ihar Komlik as political prisoner and demanding to stop the his persecution and immediately release Mr Komlik.

On October 5th, Ihar Komlik is to meet with the investigator working on his case. Part 2 of Article 243 of the Criminal Code provides for punishment of imprisonment for up to 7 years with confiscation of property.

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