Account of Russia’s Deputy Minister’s wife arrested in Belgazprambank

During the investigation of Belgazprambank, Belarusian law enforcement officials arrested the accounts of wife of Andrei Kruglov, Russian Deputy Finance Minister. This was stated by representative of the State Control Committee, Dzmitry Dziahileu, on air of Belarus 1.

According to the investigation, there are now €3 million in the bank accounts of Kruglov’s wife.

Belarus turned to Russia for legal assistance to clarify all the circumstances.

The story Belarus 1 notes that Russian shareholders of Belgazprambank received income from the Belarusian “daughter” company. Thus, an exclusive agreement on the placement of foreign currency debt was developed under Andrei Kruglov, who previously worked as a Gazprom manager.

The bank product was allegedly created specifically for Kruglov. Two contracts worth €8 million were concluded with him and one for €3 million with his wife. According to the investigation, Viktar Babaryka, who headed Belgazprambank, is guilty of personally sending his subordinates to Moscow to conclude the contract.

After becoming Deputy Finance Minister, Kruglov stopped working with Belgazprambank.