About dozen protesters detained in Minsk

On August 25, several thousand Minskers gathered in front of the House of Government to continue peaceful protesting and mark the anniversary: 29 years ago, the Declaration of Independence of the Republic of Belarus came into force.

During the rally held under white-red-white flags, deputies of the then Supreme Soviet were taking the floor and reliving their memories of the events of 1991. OMON forces were pulled in to the vicinity of Independence Square; the police repeatedly used megaphones to urge the participants to disperse.
















According to RFE/RL, 13 persons were detained soon after the rally. Some of them had white-red-white flags. There are also reports about removing such flags from buildings in Minsk.

On Tuesday evening, 28 workers of chemical plant Hrodna Azot who were walking around the city after work were detained and then released. However, now they are facing administrative trials for ‘participating in an unauthorised mass event.’

On the same day, a pro-Lukashenka rally took place near Kamarouski market in the Belarusian capital. To the sound of music, the incumbent president’s supporteds were waving official red-green flags and chanting slogans ‘For stability!’ and ‘Batska!’ (Father).

Two members of opposition Coordination Council sentenced to 10 days in jail each