8K people want Belarus to leave Union State

More than 8 thousand people have signed the petition for the withdrawal of Belarus from the Union State, which was placed on the change.org platform by the civil campaign “Forward, Belarus!”.

«Речь идет о поглощении белорусской экономики». Стали известны планы интеграции с Россией

The petition notes that the agreement on the creation of the Union State of Belarus and Russia, signed on December 8, 1999, “leads to the loss of real sovereignty and independence of the Republic of Belarus”.

According to the document, the will of the Belarusian people for economic integration with the Russian Federation, expressed at the republican referendum in 1995, has already been realized through the accession of Belarus to the Eurasian Economic Union.

Романчук: При такой интеграции Беларусь не будет отличаться от Татарстана

Therefore, on the basis of Article 67 of the Treaty on the creation of the Union State, the signatories demand from the head of Belarus and the National Assembly to denounce the agreement on the creation of the Union State.

Meanwhile, by December 8, 2019, the authorities of Belarus and Russia are planning to sign a new agreement on deepening integration. As a result of it, Russia may fully absorb the Belarusian economy.

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