85 Russian rubles for 1$. No ‘collapse’ in current rate – Kremlin

The Russian authorities urge people not to regard the currentchange of the ruble rate as ‘collapse’.

“I would not use the world эcollapseэ, the rate is changing indeed, the rate is volatile but it is a far cry from collapse,” Dmitry Peskov, spokesman of Russian president Vladimir Putin, told reporters on Thursday. “In this case there are no grounds to think that the Central Bank lacks scenarios aimed at avoiding really collapse like changes.”

According to Peskov, Russia has a ‘mega-regulator’ – the Central Bank, which is closely monitoring the situation and analyzes it.

At that, Putin’s spokesman declined to name the ruble rate, which could be considered as a ‘collapse’.

“It is not my authority. These forecasts should not be voiced from the Kremlin,” he said.

Presedent Putin does not plan any separate meeting on the current situation in Russian economy, Peskov added.

On Thursday, during the first two hours of trading on the Moscow Exchange, the dollar rate against the ruble increased by 4.6 rubles to 85.99 rubles, euro up by 5 rubles to 93.7 rubles.

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The price for Brent crude oil is extending losses, which have exceeded 5% since the start of the week. The cost of the futures contracts of Brent crude oil for March 2016 delivery on London’s ICE trading went down by 1.65% on Thursday to $27.72 per barrel.

Belsat.eu, following TASS

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