Autukhovich promised minimum-security regime

Mikalai Autukhovich may be taken into less restrictive custody, human rights defender Aleh Volchak said.

«Autukhovich was told that in July his conditions of confinement would become ordinary. It is a minimum-security regime: more time for walks and more deliveries are provided, there is a possibility [for relatives – Belsat] to communicate with a prisoner,» Aleh Volchak told journalists after having a talk with the wife of the political prisoner Alena Autukhovich.

The human rights defender also noted that Mikalai Autukhovich had started learning English and German in prison.

In May, 2010 the Supreme Court of Belarus sentenced the former businessman from Vaukavysk to five years and two months of imprisonment in a medium security penal colony under the Criminal Code’s Article 295, which penalizes the illegal handling of arms, ammunition and explosives, because of five hunting rifle cartridges found in his safe. Human rights defenders note that the sentence might well have been awarded in retaliation for Mikalai Autukhovich’s fighting against public corruption in the region.


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