EU ambassadors returning to Belarus

Stefan Ericsson, Ambassador of Sweden to Belarus, has arrived in Minsk, news agency Belapan reports.

According to Polskie Radio, Polish Ambassador Leszek Szerepka is also on his way to the Belarusian capital.

Ambassador of Lithuania to Belarus Edminas Bagdonas has crossed the borderline. He is also returning to his workplace in Minsk.

The Ambassador of the Czech Republic to Belarus, Jiří Karas is about to come back to Belarus on April 27, 2012, he said in the interview to the Belarusian service of Radio Svaboda (Radio Liberty).

Ambassador of Estonia Jaak Lensment said he would return by the end of the week, but did not give any exact date.

German Ambassador Christof Weil is expected to come this week, a representative of the German diplomatic mission said.

The Polish and EU ambassadors to Belarus are to return to their posts early next week, while remaining EU envoys will trickle back later, a senior EU source told Belgian news web site EUobserver on April 20, 2012.


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