Mikalai Statkevich not to appeal for pardon

The political prisoner has been allowed to call his wife Maryna Adamovich from Mahiliou prison №4, where he is kept at the current moment. He has stated that his position remains unchanged: he is not going to file a petition for pardon addressed to Aliaksandr Lukashenka.

The talk lasted about ten minutes. «Mikalai said that he had had his lungs X-rayed. The probable reason for it is that a man Mikalai shared a ward before suffered from tuberculosis. He said that the situation with his correspondence got better – now he receives more letters,» his wife said.

According to Mikalai Statkevich, the prosecutor’s investigation which is being carried out in Mahiliou prison №4 now might affect the situation. The political prisoner managed to meet with investigators and told them that independent newspapers Nasha Niva and Novy chas which he subscribed to are not delivered to him.

Mikalai Statkevich feels good in spite of catching a cold. «He sees no point in being anxious about his health. He was not informed either about the result of the X-ray examination or the reason for it,» Maryna Adamovich said.

Ex-presidential candidate, leader of the Belarusian Social-Democratic Party (Hramada), Mikalai Statkevich was adjudged guilty of mass riot organization on December, 19, 2010. On May 26, 2012 the court sentenced him to six-year imprisonment in a maximum security penal colony.



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