Andrey Sannikau: «Solidarity saved my life»

Ex-presidential candidate Andrey Sannikau has been set free. Belsat TV has got in touch with the politician on his way back to Minsk.

«I would like to thank my family and all Belarusian people for massive support which I found in letters and news that leaked to me, in newspapers that I got from time to time. It is the solidariry that saved my life, including internation solidarity. I think I am deeply indebted to all the people,» Andrey Sannikau told Belsat TV.

The information on the politician’s release was published by Charter’97 web site. Later Iryna Khalip, the wife of Andrey Sannikau, confirmed the fact to Belsat TV.

«The only thing I know is that now he is at Vitsebsk railway station, Siarhei Parsyukevich has gone to collect him,» Iryna Khalip told Belsat TV. She added that the release came as a surprise to her husband. «”As they imprisoned me, so they released me,”Andrey told me telephonically,» Iryna Khalip said.

Ex-presidential candidate, former Deputy Foreign Minister of the Republic of Belarus. Andrey Sannikau was found guilty of mass riot organization on December, 19, 2010. The court sentenced him to five-year imprisonment in a medium-security penal colony.

According to the wife of the political prisoner, Sannikau informed her that tortures and threats aiming at «making him lodge a petition for pardon» had started in September, 2011. As a result, on November 20, 2011 the ex-presidential candidate presented a petition addressed to Aliaksandr Lukashenka.


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