KGB: Chechen militants detained on Belarusian-Polish border

The Belarusian state security agency (KGB) has arrested two Chechens who are wanted on a charge of shooting dead the police patrol in Grozny, the KGB Centre for Information and Public Relations informed news agency Interfax.

«The detainees are accessory to illegal armed bands’ activity. They are put on the international warrant list by the Russian security service for shooting dead the police patrol in the city of Grozny,» the news agency quotes a Centre official. Now the detained Chechens are to be delivered to Russia in accordance with the international agreement.

At the moment the identity of one more detainee who resisted in arms is being established. The issue on initiating a criminal case is being considered as well.

«According to the detainees’ evidence, they intended to slip across the Belarusian-Polish border on the route which had been repeatedly tested and used before. Their destination was to be one of the EU member countries, Denmark or Belgium,» Interfax reports.

The Belarusian state security agency is collecting information on the band’s members. But some of them did manage to pass over to Europe, KGB officials said.


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