Belsat TV to broadcast news bulletin hourly

Beginning March 5, 2012 In Focus, the only uncensored TV news service in Belarus, is to be shown evenings every hour on the hour. And more, our audience will take a view of Belsat TV premiere publicistic programs broadcast after and before the main newscast (its airtime is 9 p.m.).

Aliaksei Dzikavitski, Editorial Director of Information Programming, says: «Our viewers may be sure that a news bulletin will be shown every hour on the hour from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. This measure will make monitoring recent developments easier.»

Mondays to Fridays a first In Focus news bulletin (6 p.m.) will be accompanied with press and Internet review. A second, updated bulletin will be on air at 7 p.m. followed by Hot Commentary, an actual conversation between a journalist and invited expert who analyse recent developments. In Focus issued at 8 p.m. will contain sports service and weather forecast.

Saturdays In focus short issues will be broadcast at 6 p.m.; the main news bulletin can be viewed at 9 p.m. Sundays the broadcasting time of Week with In Focus, resume of the most important events commented by well-known experts, politicians and publicists, remains unchanged (9 p.m.).

Siarhei Peliasa, Belsat TV Programming Editor, states that Belsat TV will continue demonstrating political, economic, cultural programs, documentaries and cartoons for younger children.

Mondays at 9:25 pm shows Private Collection and Remarc will present most important cultural news.

Tuesdays Balance, a weekly economic news show, and Personal Capital, an economic program giving practical advice on specific issues, will surely call attention of our audience.

Wednesdays our viewers will have an opportunity of watching Unedited, documentary and feature report series on today’s Belarus produced by independent documentary film-makers and reporters .

Thursdays Belsat will feature Reporter, a TV magazine prepared by reporters based in Belarus talks about important social, political, cultural and economic news passed under silence by state media, alternatively with It’s My Right, the program explaining how to meander through the Belarusian legal maze and reveals cases of law violations by the authorities, and Forum, a weekly talk show hosted by the prominent Belarusian journalist Eduard Melnikau. History under the shield of Pahon, a premiere series sketching principal events and personalities in Belarusian history, will also be offered Thursdays (8:45 pm).

Fridays we recommend our viewers to watch Unknown Belarus, series of documentary films presenting important Belarusian historical (mainly 20th century) events and truthfully portraying historical personalities omitted or ridiculed in official historiography, along with World and us, a weekly review of world headline news.

Saturdays Two vs two and Svaboda Zone programs, in which journalists and experts have an in-depth discussion about issues important to Belarusians, are definitely worth viewing.

Sundays we invite you to enjoy Mounik, a program answering all kinds of linguistic questions for Belarusian language lovers, and satyrical set Expert.

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