Polish PM Tusk: «Long live Belarus!»

The politician gave his comment on the conflict between Brussels and Minsk: «The drastic and nervous reaction shows that the type of sanctions which Poland proposes have become troublesome to the regime.»

The Polish Prime Minister expressed his support for the Belarusian people in the Belarusian language: «Stand firm. Be strong. Long live Belarus!»

On February 28, 2012 official Minsk recommended Head of the EU Delegation to the Republic of Belarus and Ambassador of Poland to Belarus to return to their capitals for consultations and «to convey to their leadership a firm position of the Belarusian side on inadmissibility of pressure and sanctions». The country also recalled its own ambassadors from Brussels and Warsaw. It was the reaction of Belarus that was caused by the EU Council decision to blacklist another 21 Belarusian officials.

Tuesday evening at the urgent meeting of the Political and Security Committee in Brussels the EU countries decided to recall all their ambassadors from Belarus.

Leszek Szerepko, Ambassador of Poland to Belarus, has already left the country.



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